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Make water free again!

Miriam’s Melody, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Registered Charity.

Food and Beverage Venues

You’re invited to return to the good old days when water was free, just a normal cost of doing business.  If you are ready to offer free water to your customers you can register today as a WaterSar and attract new customers.

Also, you can initiate a well-drilling sponsorship fund, and invite your customers to help you bring clean water to a community need.

Commercial Landords & Shopping Malls

Register your free water fountains, and bottle refilling stations on our global map so visitors can refresh themselves.

If you do not have enough reward facilities, we will help you source  high-quality, and economical equipment.

Corporate workplaces

Your business can initiate a well drilling project with a modest financial contribution. Invite your employees to join you in this quest for workplace solidarity, and philanthropic satisfaction.

Individual volunteers

Download our smartphone app. Use your unique QR code to invite other individuals, and recruit new corporate and retail WaterStars. visit your dashboard to see how many new sign-ups come from your activism, and track the progress of any well drilling funds, or communities you sponsor.

Sponsor a new well drilling project

More people die each year from dirty water, then all forms of violence including war. We literally have tens of thousands of communities throughout the world in desperate need of clean water good.

Join an existing funding project, or start your own. Every penny counts, even if you do not reach your goals, the limited funds you raise can keep our well-drilling teams running year-round.

Join an existing well-drilling fund

Is there a specific country on your heart? Browse through some of the existing funding projects that have almost reached their goals.

You could be the one to push it over the line. Once the well is completed, you will have lifetime access to updates for the community you helped. As future development projects arise for your community, we will let you know.

Download our app &

Leave Reviews


These merchants will listen to the crowd. Once a called-out merchant begins offering free water, they can respond to your penalized reviews to let you know that your voice has been heard. After you verify the changes, you are encouraged to adjust your review retroactively as a reward. If free tap water is upgraded to filtered water, adjust your review accordingly; do likewise if paid water is upgraded to tap or filtered water.

View Communities on Waiting List

Sponsor a Well

Within a just few minutes you will be a WaterStar! The need is so great; thank you.

Browse through our well-waiting list by country or region. Check out the locals by satellite, get a feel for the place, but remember, these are real people with real needs.

Commercial Sponsors

After choosing a community to sponsor, we will provide you with a customised QR Code sign to place near your customer water supply. Your clients can scan the code, and co-sponsor your community, and being reminded of your generosity each time they check on the progress through their WaterStars App.

Individual Ambassadors

Spread the word! Download our app, flash your unique QR code, and recruit new WaterStars. All of your recruitments will attach to your profile, so you can see how big a difference you have made, and all the communities that have benefited.

make an impact

Join as a Volunteer!

WaterStars is based on volunteers. This is how we can direct all profits from our water filtration systems to charity.

But we can always use the help. If you feel passionate about making free water normal in cafes, restaurants, airlines and other merchants, we’d love to have you on board.


Register as a volunteer, local ambassador, filtration compliance auditor (mystery shopper), professional water filter installer or water quality sample auditor.

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Tap water vs bottled water

Staggering Facts

Free public water

Your Water Rights

It takes up to 3-7 litres of water and one litre of oil to produce one litre of bottled water.

Bottled water is not typically safer than tap water. In fact, more than half of all bottled water comes from the tap.

Buying bottled water is like pouring money down the drain. Bottled water costs from $0.89 per gallon to $8.26 per gallon, compared to fractions of a penny for water from your tap. That makes bottled water thousands of times more expensive than tap water.

Water bottle garbage is a major source of pollution.




Licensed premises that serve alcohol are legally required to provide free drinking water on request in many countries.

65% of people wouldn’t buy bottled water if tap water refills were freely available.

Even when making a purchase, 37% of people are uncomfortable asking for free tap water.

73% of people would like there to be more free tap water available in public.

Source: www.onelessbottle.org/explore-the-facts/