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Corporate Volunteers

Water Filter Distributors

We are building a global network of wholesale food distributors or other businesses with warehousing and delivery infrastructure, who are willing to stock and deliver water filtration systems and replacement filter cartridges to retail merchants in your service area. [Read more: Benefits for distribution volunteers]

Retail Merchants, Cafes & Restaurants

Corporate propaganda that has persuaded an entire generation that water is a private, commercial commodity that can be bought and sold. Are you a brave café owner or restaurateur who is willing to forgo the unprecedented profits that have begun to flow during the 21st century? Are you willing to help reverse this trend and absorb the cost of providing high-quality drinking water to your customers for free, as just another basic cost of doing business? If yes you can be upgraded to an A+ WaterStar rating by:

  • Offering free filtered water from your filtered post-mix machine, or;
  • Sourcing a quality filtration system independently and then let us know so we can list you as a WaterStar, or;
  • Order a filtration system from our charity, the markup from which will directly sponsor a well-drilling project for a community in need.

Or, upgrade to a B+ WaterStar rating:

  • By promising to offer free tap-water as a minimum to your patrons.

Shopping Malls and Retail Precincts

There is a growing trend for modern shopping malls to build their facilities without any free, public drinking fountains. This is wrong.

We encourage shopping malls, and other retail precincts to be generous with free, publicly available water fountains or bottle refilling stations. Each refilling station will be assigned with its own QR code, so your visitors can scan the code, and see how your team is helping a specific community well, where there was previously none. Your customers can then sign up to support that specific community, and receive optional updates on the welfare of the community, and with each update they will be reminded that they have come alongside your facility, to do this good work.

Individuals & Private Activists

Download the WaterStars App, every time you visit a merchant who is not already a WaterStar, flash your personal Ambassador QR code, new merchants can sign up by scanning your code. You will level up to a Super-Ambassador as your enrolments increase because of your activism and promotion of the charity.

Within your profile settings, you can proudly display a world map tagging every WaterStar merchant that you recruited, wells you helped drill, and other ambassadors you added to the team.